Our investment in mod.io: Building powerful player creator-led economies that enrich game play globally

Meet Scott Reismanis, CEO and co-founder of mod.io alongside co-founder Patrick Sotiriou and the team

Scott Reismanis, CEO and co-founder of mod.io, is widely respected in the gaming industry having over 20 years’ experience as a web engineer and entrepreneur. Scott launched ModDB.com in 2002 and then IndieDB.com. These sites are like the movie database IMDB but for mods and games and became the ‘community centre’ for game players and fans.

The gaming ecosystem

Globally, the gaming market is levelling up and is set to reach over US$250 billion annually by 2025. The gaming ecosystem comprises many nodes ranging from hardware developers (think Intel, NVIDIA, Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation), game engines (like Unreal and Unity), game ‘middleware’, studios, AAA & indie game developers and distributors. This rich ecosystem is enabling the rise of the ‘metaverse’, a term used to represent the centralisation of gaming and gaming culture into a single synchronous, ongoing space in which players can interact in real time.

Creator economies are the next big frontier in gaming

Roblox’s massive US$42 billion IPO on the NYSE earlier this year is just one example that demonstrates the potential here. In 2020, Roblox had an average of 36 million daily active users and 8 million creators. But, Roblox isn’t the first example of UGC-led player engagement.

Source mod.io.
Source mod.io.

Enter mod.io

Enter mod.io, as the platform that unlocks this immense trend for game developers and studios world-wide.

mod.io featured on the game SnowRunner, allowing players to search, store, use and transact mods like unique vehicles and skins. Source mod.io.
Three pillars of functionality forming the basis of mod.io’s turnkey UGC solution. Source mod.io.

mod.io is growing fast as studios are choosing it to power their UGC future

mod.io has experienced exciting growth over the last twelve months, with 3x year-on-year growth. Over that same period, it has demonstrated impressive traction as it grew its user accounts from 310k to 3.5 million (11x), increased both its mods subscribed to and mods installed by 2.5x, and achieved a seven-fold increase in its mods added. There has been strong support from studios about the value proposition that mod.io delivers, with the platform being embedded in 82 games, including two AAA and AA games.

Source mod.io.
You can also track its live metrics and engagement here, where statistics are updated daily. Source mod.io.

The gaming and UGC market is levelling up

mod.io is a fantastic example of Australian technology founders building a globally-leading business in Australia and taking their market-leading technology to the world. We believe there is an immense opportunity for mod.io and other Australian gaming, metaverse, Web3 and blockchain focused founders to create generationally impactful businesses we can all be very proud of.

Welcome to the OIF family!

The funds raised for mod.io in this round will be used to further build upon a vision to evolve collaborative digital play, a passion shared by everyone at mod.io. With this passion, and their early-mover advantage as the leading cross-platform ‘moding’ system, we have high conviction in mod.io’s vision to lead the creation of UGC communities and marketplaces for all games into the future.



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