Our investment in Mastt: automating and simplifying the most painful aspects of project management

  1. A pricing model that facilitates product-led growth, where users become advocates for the sticky product.
  2. Natural growth opportunities in international expansions, introduction of new modules and existing customers adding multiple projects.

89% of construction projects need Mastt

2020 global construction survey highlights a lack of integrated controls exist at a project and portfolio level across the sector. This has resulted in 89% of projects being delivered over time and over budget. Today, PMs, owners, and contractors rely on spreadsheets and Excel, which generate a lot of admin work and overheads, but fail to provide real-time or historical data analysis. It becomes even more complicated when the staff changes and some of the data simply disappears.

Founding team with the perfect mix of skills, experience and dynamics

Mastt founders are strong, enthusiastic and have executed outstandingly to date.

Mastt provides real-time visual project reports. Source: Mastt
Mastt can visually map risks and uncover insights through its analytics capabilities. Source: Mastt

Market worth trillions (and growing)

By 2025, the global construction market is forecast to grow from about US$11.5 trillion to over $16.6 trillion, making it one of the biggest industries in the world. The construction industry is heavily sought-after by not only private, but also the public sector. The US Government has recently announced $1 trillion infrastructure bill. Locally, the Australian government has committed $290 billion in infrastructure investments over the next decade, which sees a doubling of investments in the next three years.

Introducing Mastt: Saving time, money and mitigating risk

On top of project management and administration functions, Mastt also provides system development, tailoring, onboarding, training and implementation services. The platform is also able to give customers the ability to generate deep insights across data aggregated from all projects in a portfolio. Customers can track trends and conduct analysis using pre-built reports which can be further tailored to specific environments.

Why Mastt?

To the OIF team, Mastt represents an opportunity to invest in a talented mix of co-founders tackling one of the biggest industries in the world. We love the team’s attitude towards business building, and believe they have what it takes to succeed. From the demo and our conversations with Mastt’s customers, the product is seamless, practical and makes the traditionally painful budgeting, risk-profiling and reporting jobs automated and simple.



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