Our investment in Inspace: Digitising every commercial property globally

It always starts with the founder: Justin Liang

We were introduced to Inspace’s founder and CEO, Justin Liang, over twelve months ago and since then, Justin has continued to consistently impress our team – we knew early on that we wanted to partner with Justin!

Physical real estate inspections are becoming a thing of the past …

Traditionally, when a tenant or buyer is searching for office space, a leasing broker takes them on a physical walking tour to inspect a series of buildings, or they look at photos or a video walk-through. All up, the process is expensive, time-consuming and lacks actionable data insights.

The Inspace solution

Inspace Stack launched in September 2020 and it is a SaaS platform that hosts 3D ‘digital twins’ of commercial properties, enabling commercial, industrial, and residential property landlords and agents to share web-based 3D replicas of their buildings to show potential buyers and tenants online.

Inspace Stack building visualisation. Source: Inspace
Inspace Stack building visualisation. Source: Inspace
Inspace Stake analytics dashboard. Source: Inspace
Some of Inspace’s existing market-leading customers. Source: Inspace

Building a defensible moat – Inspace has multiple ways to win

Inspace believes that every commercial property space will host ‘virtual tours’ by 2025, and the company is primed to ride this technological wave as more of the built world digitises.

Welcome to the OIF family Inspace!



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