Our investment in Atomi: the ultimate online learning resource for school students and teachers

What attracted us to Atomi:

  • A market value of around US$250 billion, that is anticipated to grow almost four times by 2027 coupled with the right business model to capitalise the opportunity.
  • There’s a natural growth opportunity as Atomi expands their offerings across additional school year cohorts and subjects without needing to enter new markets.
  • The young and ambitious co-founders who have been on this journey for almost ten years.

The boom of EdTech … and it’s not just because of COVID-19

Even before COVID-19, there was already high demand for, and adoption of education technology, with global EdTech investments reaching US$18.66 billion in 2019. COVID-19 has kicked it up to a new level. As schools and universities shut across the world, the demand for online learning, training and tutoring platforms elevated. The digital learning tools adopted during online schooling have proven to be sticky, with 90% of teachers in the US planning to continue their usage going forward.

Atomi platform makes education awesome, engaging and simple

Students are digital natives. Increasingly, students are turning to online resources rather than textbooks and as a result teachers needs to operate in the same space where students are also learning, whilst building rapport and enhancing the value teachers bring to students’ learning.

  • Intelligent testing with interactive quizzes that adapt in real-time, promote mastery learning and power intelligent revision recommendations.
  • Real-time analytics providing clear insights into student usage, who needs assistance and how a class is performing. Students (and parents) can see usage statistics and see how they’re progressing or spot any areas where they need extra support.

A passionate and experienced team, led by complementary co-founders

Rob Barakat and Tom O’Donahoo are the brilliant co-founders behind Atomi. They started the business during their university days, out of their shared passion for democratising quality education. We believe Rob’s entrepreneurial mindset and Tom’s technical prowess are the perfect combination to get the mission done.

Why the time is now

We’re often faced with the questions of why a particular company is the answer and why now is the time for our team to join the journey. For the team at OIF, Atomi represents an opportunity to invest in talented and ambitious founders and support their mission to redefine the future of education and reshape how future generations consume education and develop their learning skills. With the rapid growth of demand in EdTech and accelerated adoption of online learning platforms, we feel that this is the time to back an exceptional team like Atomi.



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