🚀 Blast OIF | 21 things from 2021

One — A year of firsts

Two — OIF Fund II

Three — Three exits in as many weeks

Four — Globally, it’s been another strong year for the tech industry

Five — Learning never stops

Six — What’s 10⁶?

Seven — A year of awesome new customers, partnerships and products

Eight — ∞ to infinity and beyond!

Nine — Aussie VC is 🔥

Ten — Fundraising milestones across the portfolio, around the world

Eleven — Freedom Day

Twelve — Awards and recognition 🏆

Thirteen — Unlucky? 🍀

Fourteen — We welcomed 14 new companies!

Fifteen — Jobs, jobs, jobs

Sixteen — Happy birthday to … 🎉

Seventeen — 2017



Eighteen — 2018

Nineteen — ⛳

Twenty — Some new OIF faces

  • Paul Migliorini joined as a Venture Partner and Investment Committee member. Paul was previously the Managing Director of Amazon Web Services across Australia and New Zealand, APAC and Japan.
  • Emily Pfeiffer joined as Head of Community and Partnerships.
  • Anna Osipov Heymann joined as an Investor.
  • David Cohen joined as Group Finance Manager.

Twenty-One — 21 tips from the dumbest guy at the table

Twenty-Two — Next year …



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